World Famous Billionaire Victim of Identity Theft

Paul Allen.jpgIf even a key figure in the development of electronic security can fall prey to identity theft, you know that virtually no one is immune to this type of fraud. Paul Allen, 59 year old co-founder of Microsoft and billionaire was an identity theft victim to an AWOL soldier who stole his debit card.

Indeed, Mr. Allen is not quite a senior citizen in Washington State (to qualify as a senior citizen in WA, one must be either 65 or older or 60-64 years old and work less than 20 hours/wk). However, one could easily imagine that he has an entire team of staff who manage and guard his finances. Regardless, a 28 year old AWOL soldier, Brandon Lee Price, gained access to Mr. Allen’s debit card, asking the bank to send it to his address in Pittsburgh.

Allen’s spokesman pointed out, “Clearly, it’s a reminder that anyone can be a victim of [id theft]… It certainly is a surprise and a reason for everyone to make sure that all that stuff is properly cared for and monitored.”

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