nursing home sexual abuse

Nursing home claims sex abuse of dementia patient “consensual”

The unnamed dementia patient is confined to her bed at Cashmere Convalescent Center.

She cannot speak, and is nearly deaf.

How could she have consented to the predatory sexual advances of another nursing home patient?

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Report Video KOMO Seattle

KOMO reporter Jon Humbert talked to the abused patient’s family, and reviewed the state investigation of this case

But that’s what the nursing home claimed.

According to the KOMO news investigation, the offending patient—a man who also has dementia—was seen forcing the bed-ridden woman and other patients to touch his genitals on several occasions.

A housekeeper who observed his sexual abuse yelled at the man to stop. She reported what she had seen to the nursing director.

The report says the Director of Nursing Services viewed what was going on as nothing more than consensual activities between dementia patients.

The nursing home noted the witness reports, but did not contact the state until after staff found the man fondling another patient’s breasts and called 9-1-1.

Keeping nursing home patients safe from sexual abuse

Every person who works in a nursing home or long-term care facility is considered a “mandated reporter” in Washington.

When there is reason to suspect that sexual assault has occurred, mandated reporters shall immediately report to the appropriate law enforcement agency and to the department.



– Wash. Rev. Code § 74.34.035

How many people at this nursing home had seen this man’s behavior, and had “reason to suspect sexual assault”?

The government report says the care facility:

  • Failed to recognize the man’s behavior as sexual abuse
  • Did not act to protect their patients
  • Violated the mandatory reporting rule

For these violations, Cashmere Convalescent Center was fined $6,300.

Washington Nursing Home Abuse Case at Cashmere Convelescent Center - Website

Cashmere’s website claims a “secure, therapeutic environment”.


 “We can offer you, or your loved one a secure, therapeutic environment made possible by a caring and well-trained staff.”

There is no patient security without transparency.

If you suspect abuse of a vulnerable adult in Washington, call 1-866-EndHarm (1-866-363-4276).

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