LGBT elderly

LGBT elderly face higher risk of abuse and neglect

Many elderly people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered are more likely to be abused or neglected.

For generations of LGBT who lived through decades of discrimination, this is the final indignity.

Research compiled by the National Center on Elder Abuse found

  • 29% of the LGBT elders surveyed had actually been physically attacked;
  • 65% reported verbal abuse, threats of violence, sexual assault, and discrimination, and other victimization; and
  • 8% had been abused or neglected by homophobic caretakers.
  • LGBT are more likely than heterosexual elders to live alone – and social isolation is a big risk factor for abuse; and
  • They are also less likely to seek help for abuse.

The data is comparatively limited, and compiled from the few peer-reviewed studies on the elderly LGBT community (which also speaks to the problem of discrimination).

However, it’s clear that more effort needs to be made to address and prevent elder abuse in the LGBT community.

Many LGBT elders lived with stigmatization for much of their lives—we owe them dignity and protection in their golden years.

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