State of WA: Let's Crack Down On Elder Care Referrals

I applaud an editorial in today’s Seattle Times that urges Gov. Christine Gregoire to sign legislation that will clamp down on so-called “free” referrals for elder care referrals.Gregoire.jpg 

According to a Seattle Times report, providers that assist families by guiding through an array of options for their loved ones can include assisted living or other senior housing that best fits their needs for free. What is often not disclosed is that in return, these providers are paid as much as $3,500 per person by the facilities for providing them with a client.

Legislation sent to Governor Chris Gregoire demands referral companies to follow strict standards, including written disclosures of their commission rates.  

Washington is the first state to pass a comprehensive law to rein in elder-care referral companies, according to research by AARP, a senior organization that supported the bill.

I’m hopeful that Chris Gregoire will perservere with this incredibly important issue and sign the bill. We must impose a minimum set of rules on those who target this vulnerable group of citizens to for a profit. 

Check out this Seattle Times report for more details about the bill.

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