Son Faces Elder Abuse & Drug Charges

According to an AP report, Alfonso Patrick Moya, Jr. faces abuse and drug charges related to the death of his 72-year old father. Apparently, Mr. Moya was selling his father’s pain medication. Mr. Moya was his father, Alfonso Patricio Moya Sr.’s primary caregiver. MedsElderAbuse.jpg

The day after being admitted to a Veterans Administration hospital, Moya Sr., died from dehydration, malnutrition, and bedsores that resulted from neglect. Police claim that Moya Jr. had been filling his father’s monthly Lortab prescriptions and sold them.

According to hospital officials’ reports to the Salt Lake Tribune, the eldery Moya’s bed sores were so severe that one bed sore was the size of a fist. That sore would have required surgery as well as an open sore on one of his feet. His feet and ankles were swollen to twice their normal size. As recently as December 2010, doctors claimed that Moya Sr. was able to walk and speak.

When police entered Moya Jr’s house, they said that they were overwhelmed with a “very strong odor” of bleach, feces, and decomposing tisue. Despite the fact that the bedding had been disposed of or in the laundry, the mattress where Moya Sr had been lying was “saturated with urine and feces”

Moya Jr. admitted that his father hadn’t been bathed for at least two weeks, but blamed his estranged wife for not cleaning off the fecal matter before calling 911.

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