Seattle Police Say Elder Abuse a Serious Issue in Washington

In a news story broken by King5 earlier this week, another story of elder abuse reminds us that this problem is not going away anytime soon.

Cotie Pifher, 25 years old, and Melissa Flores, 26 years old, lived together and treated Flores’ 63 year old aunt with cruelty and callousness befitting a war criminal. The story includes an account of Pifher beating Flores’ aunt with a wooden spoon, throwing her in a scalding shower, and pushing her outdoors with no clothes. Apparently, they had left her at a hospital with bruises and broken bones. Hospital staff and a relative requested a welfare check.

Seattle police say they have seen numerous cases of elder abuse in Western Washington. Adult Protective Services‘s most recent statistics indicate that there were at least 14,577 reported cases of abuse. These cases include physical, emotional, and financial abuse in Washington State (based on info compiled in 2009). Sadly, the perpetrators are most tpyically family members.

Presently, King and Pierce Counties have a billboard campaign to raise awareness about elder abuse. If you suspect elder abuse, please call 1 (800) 222-TIPS. Also, check out the below websites that offer information:

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