Robocall Scam Targets Senior Citizens in WA State and Beyond

Local TV news journalist, Jesse Jones, recently ran a story about a new scam that targets the elderly. According to the Washington State Attorney General’s office, a new robocall scam offers “free” emergency alert devices to senior citizens.

Victims of the scam include Kyle Davis and his brother. They realized that they couldn’t always be available for their parents, so they signed on for this service. What they hadn’t realized that

Kyle Davis and his brothers know they can’t be there to help their parents all the time.  So they signed them up for a type of medical alert pendant in case of emergency.

The scam confuses the recipient of the robocalls, asking if the person wants to opt out.  To opt out, the victim is asked to press a specific number. But that number actually is an acceptance of an offer for a roughly $40 medical alert device. Kyle Davis’ mother, Dixie Davis, thought she was opting out per the robocall instructions, but instead found charges on her Amex bill twice for the same device that she later received in the mail.

“This is a company that’s supposed to be helping out seniors and yet they are kind of scamming seniors, it appears,” explained Kyle to Jesse James.

Apparently, this scam is widespread beyond the Northwest.  The first call is a robocall offering a free alert device that a third party marketer is calling, targeting the elderly.

As the AG’s office reminds, “free” isn’t usually truly free.

Now, if you really need a medical alert device, please get a recommendation from your physician and completely disregard any telemarketing offers.

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