Resident’s Death Shuts Down Northwest Nursing Home

Doris Dorsey, a resident of John Day Nursing Home (near Portland, OR) died in October 2011. Family of Ms. Dorsey believe that the death is the result of two caregiver’s abuse and neglect, claiming that Tom Houpt and Vanessa Holmstrom withheld food from Doris and tortured her.

Two Caregivers at Portland Nursing Home Charged with Manslaughter & Criminal Treatment

These two caregivers of Ms. Dorsey now face charges of manslaughter and criminal mistreatment. In the meantime, Oregon’s Department of Human Services is shutting down John Day, helping relocate its residents.

Apparently, the State had received other complaints about John Day.

According to the State, the facility failed to comply with state requirements that called for the facility registered nurse to attend training, to have at least two caregivers on duty for each shift and to meet other standards. Their failure to comply “placed residents at harm and risk for serious harm,” the Aug. 30 letter states.


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  • Tammi says:

    See youtube video “Abuse and torture of autistic man must be punished”. It’s every parent of an autistic child’s worst nightmare: respite home health workers caught secretly eye gouging autistic son, kicking, punching him, twisting arm, pulling his hair. Heartbreaking and infuriating and illuminating. We must protect our aging and disabled family members who can’t defend themselves!

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