Researching Nursing Homes May Give You Greater Peace of Mind

Recently, a family who had filed a wrongful death claim involving a 97 year old nursing home resident, settled with Everett Rehabilitation and Care Center for $3.5 million.

In 2009, their lawsuit was filed, alleging that Everett Rehab staff failed to care adequately for the 97 year old patient, who had developed penile cancer.  Staff neglected to inform the nursing home patient’s family or primary care physician that his genitalia was literally disintegrating. In 2008, a couple weeks after he was rushed to the emergency room, where the doctors had discovered the dramatic deterioration, the patient died.

I was curious to see what type of ratings and reviews that this defendant nursing home received, and went to various sites that review and rank nursing homes.  One such site is the US News Health Nursing Homes site. When searching Everett Rehabilitation and Care Center, sadly, I was not surprised to see that it had abysmal rankings. For almost all of the metrics, the home received only one or two stars.

Ratings of Everett Home.jpg

We can learn a lot from this horrific tragedy. For one, when you are trying to decide on a nursing home for your loved one, be sure to do your homework.

Search the internet for the many sites that provide reviews and ratings on the health and standard of care that the facility provides. This homework will pay off in the long run, giving you greater peace of mind that your elderly loved one is in the best hands.

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