Pressure/Bed Sores

Pressure sores or bed sores, as they are commonly called, should not happen.  These sores cause great pain, a loss of dignity, infections and often times result in the death of an elder loved one. The elderly and those with spinal cord injuries are most susceptible to pressure sores. These sores are the result of pressure, or pressure in combination with shear and friction.  The sores develop often as a result of the failure to move patients’ body positioning or as a result of the failure to provide an adequate bed.  

iStock_000004738489XSmall.jpgPressure sores can be prevented by keeping a patient’s skin clean and dry, changing a patients position and using pillows and products that relieve pressure upon the skin.

Pressure sores are very difficult to treat.  Taking the necessary steps to prevent the development of the pressure sores is one of the keys to providing the proper quality of life and care to which patients are entitled.



Watch for signs of pressure sores developing.  Talk with your elder loved ones about how they are being treated and how they are feeling.  You want to avoid the development of pressure sores.

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