Nursing Home Abuse Includes Broken Bones & Infections

A watchdog group, Nursing Home Complaint Center (NHCC), recently reported that many nursing homes in this country are keeping fewer staff on their payrolls, to meet their financial goals.  Not surprisingly but unfortunately, this means that we have seen a rise in broken bones and serious infections that have led to wrongful death of nursing home patients.

Tragically, family members often were not aware of warning signs. People typically do not connect elder abuse with the fact that their loved one may be a victim, if they have frequent serious infections and broken bones.  They may not realize that these are signs that the nursing home may be negligent in their care of its patients.

If you know someone who may be an actual victim of nursing home neglect or worse yet wrongful death, call the Nursing Home Complaint Center at 866-714-6466, or contact the group via its web site

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