More on Pressure Sores

The Nursing Home industry continues to claim that some pressure sores or pressure ulcers are unavoidable.  But, it is important to point out that they can not specifically point out which of these sores are unavoidable.  While it may be argued that some patients are vulnerable to developing sores, I believe that it simply can not be argued that pressure sores should be allowed to develop to an extent that results in serious consequences for the patient. 

So often, we see patients who develop pressure sores that result in serious health conditions and sometimes death.  

iStock_000013955070XSmall.jpgWhy is this allowed to happen?  Why are these patients caregivers not providing the type of care and treatment that these patients are entitled to receive.  Most often, it is because these patients are neglected.  Don’t put up with this neglect.  





Report pressure sores that are allowed to go “unchecked”



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