Medicare Site a Wealth of Knowledge for Elder Care

Medicare’s website provides an excellent resource for those making the tough decision of whether and where to place a loved one in a nursing home. The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare, provides useful and detailed information. If you are struggling with the decision, the site provides alternatives to a nursing home for you and your family to consider.

Other useful information on the site includes:

  • A nursing home rating system;
  • An easy way to find medical equipment suppliers;
  • A comparative tool for nursing homes;
  • Medical nutrition therapy; and
  • Caregiver stories.

If selecting a nursing home is, indeed, the option you have chosen, follow the steps set forth on the website and take both the time and care to consider where you will being placing your loved one. This is an important decision, so take great care in obtaining as much information as possible. Look at ratings, heath inspection results, staff data, and quality measures.

Once you have narrowed your list of homes to a few, take the time to visit the homes, wander the hallways and to observe the nature of the care and the appearance of the residents. If possible, talk to families who have their loved ones at the home. Visit a few times, as each visit may provide you with new information. Some of the less reputable homes put on a facade for a sales visit.

Only by coming in armed with information and taking the time to conduct a thorough investigation on your own can you break down that wall and see if the home is right for your loved one.

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