Concerned Granddaughter Uses Nanny Cam at Nursing Home

Diana Valetin put a new twist on the idea of a nanny cam, when she decided to plant a hidden camera in the room where her grandmother,  Ana Luisa Medina, 89, stayed at Gold Crest Care Center in New York.

I read about this sad story of elder abuse in the NY Daily News. Diana kept finding strange bruises on her grandmother’s forehead and arms.

 “They were telling me she had gotten the bruising on her hands by banging on the bed railing.”

Each time Diana went to the Care Center’s management with her concerns, the response was that they were aware of her concerns and that they would investigate it.

Ms. Valetin used a hidden camera to learn why her grandmother was getting bruises.

Ms. Valetin used a hidden camera to learn why her grandmother was getting bruises.

Frustrated with inaction despite the constant bruises, Ms. Valetin decided to investigate the issue herself. She hid a small video camera in a potted plant, capturing over 600 hours of video. “The first video that I saw, [the aide] grabbed my grandmother’s arm, twisted it back, lifted her off the bed and slammed her into the bed,” Valentin said.

Sandra Kerr, the 55-year old nurse, was apparently twisting Ana Luisa Medina’s frail arms and slamming her into the bed. Kerr has since been arrested, and she has been charged with endangering the welfare of a physically disabled person.

Attorney General Schneiderman stated, “My office has zero tolerance for nursing home aides who abuse, neglect or harm the people in their care. Medical professionals have a responsibility to properly care for their patients and must be held accountable when they fail to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

At this time, Gold Crest Care Center had not commented on Ms. Valetin’s claim. Unfortunately, this story is the tip of the iceberg regarding the epidemic of elder abuse in this country.

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