Alzheimers Numbers to Almost Triple by 2050

A recent Reuters article relays the findings of an alarming article published in Neorology. The number of those with Alzheimer’s disease will virtually triple by 2050. Around 13.8 million in this country will have this affliction, and roughly 7

Over 13.5 million U.S. citizens will have some form of Alzheimers by 2050. Over half will be 65 years or older.

Over 13.5 million U.S. citizens will have some form of Alzheimers by 2050. Over half will be 65 years or older.

million of those with Alzheimers will be 65 years or older. To give you some context, about 5 million are estimated to have this form of dementia in the U.S. at present.

Organizations such as the National Institute on Aging are concerned about this looming epidemic, given that very few treatments are available for Alzheimers patients. Reuters quotes the study co-author, Jennifer Weuve, an assistant professor of medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL:: “Our study draws attention to an urgent need for more research, treatments and preventive strategies to reduce this epidemic.”

The article points to underwhelming results of pharmaceutical companies, such as Eli Lilly and Co. Lilly had release solanezumab, which had failed in mid 2012 to meet the primary goals of two studies in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. Solanezub only showed a slight benefit when the studies were pooled to look at the effect on those with the mildest form of the disease. According to reports, Lilly plans to start a new trial in patients with mild Alzheimer’s this year.

The rapidly growing number of Alzheimers patients will burden the healthcare system, facilities designed for the elderly, as well as families of those caring and supporting loved ones with this disease. The team at Rush Medical Center hopes that the staggering statistics will compel U.S. policymakers to plan accordingly.


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