Welcome to the Elder Abuse Watchdog website and blog.

The number of senior citizens is skyrocketing in our country. Yet, too often our society seems to want to ignore this fact. As a result, the number of abuse against the elderly is growing to epidemic proportions. Whether it is financial abuse, physical abuse or neglect, seniors are getting injured all too often.

In representing countless seniors for elder abuse and neglect, I have seen just about everything. Some of the most well regarded assisted care facilities have grown sloppy and inattentive to important standards that protect our beloved parents, grandparents, etc. Adult children too easily lose sight of priorities because of busy schedules, allowing them to lose sight of the fact that their elderly parents are not getting the care that they should expect from nursing homes or caregivers.

When clients come to me, I hit the ground running with our investigation of the facts. Our opponents fear us because they know we have a formidable track record with cases that have gone to trial.

Each elder abuse case I take is tragic. When working on each case, we get to know the client and become almost an extension of that person’s family. This allows me to champion their causes so that justice is served.

Please take a look at my blog, and the other sections in this site. Let me know what you think and what questions you have.

I want to make this a helpful resource for anyone who is or knows a victim of elder abuse or neglect.


About Kevin

Kevin Coluccio was recently named one of the Top 10 Super Lawyers in Washington State. He has long history of successful elder abuse/neglect cases and has a stellar reputation for getting results for his injury clients in serious car crashes, pedestrian accidents, trucking accidents, maritime claims, and asbestos injury cases.